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East Islip Lumber prides itself on giving the best customer service around. With our years of experience helping both contractors and homeowners, we can help you solve any problem or challenge you come up against. We are always stocking new cutting-edge products to help make your installation and maintenance as easy as possible.

The following are a few of the services you can always count on:


Fast & Efficient Delivery

We’re at the Bay Shore docks bright and early every weekday morning for Fire Island deliveries. Local truck deliveries can often be scheduled the same afternoon or the next day. For deliveries farther away, we may need a little heads up, but we’ll work with your schedule to get materials to you ASAP. Most of our trucks are equipped with 4-way truck-mounted forklifts to put the materials conveniently where you need them.


Extra-Special Orders

We especially specialize in special orders. From special order doors and windows to that hard-to-find hardware item you need fast… East Islip Lumber is your best source for selection and service.


In-house Accounts

In-house credit subject to credit worthiness; or we can simply keep your credit card on file (safely encrypted in our computer) so you can call or fax or email your order without worrying how to get payment to us beforehand.


Lumber Cutting


Professional Estimating/Take-offs

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