About Us

East Islip Lumber was originally founded in 1927 as a small yard catering to marine applications. In 1982, Alfred Romito, a 56-year resident of Bay Shore with his wife, Catherine, acquired the company, and grew it from just eight employees to more than 20 full-time personnel; a staff that is generally recognized as one of the most knowledgeable in the industry.

The lumberyard, located just off Carleton Avenue in East Islip, carries a large inventory of building supplies and does an extensive business in special-order doors, windows, and decorative hardware. As an Andersen dealer, the company provides special storm-resistant door and windows to meet the special needs of our coastal environment. East Islip Lumber trucks go daily to the Bay Shore ferry terminal to serve the Fire Island community all year long.


Taking great pride both in its long history and its community, East Islip Lumber supports numerous local organizations including the Islip Arts Council, the Long Island Maritime Museum, Southside and Good Samaritan Hospitals, Hospice Care Network, NYS Troopers Memorial Fund, and it often aides prospective Eagle Scouts with their projects. Most recently the company donated materials to Lucky Guys and the Long Island Home Builder Care Development Corp, both of which build new homes for returning veterans, and to Habitat for Humanity Restore.


In this age of impersonal, big box, national retailers, East Islip Lumber is a locally owned, independent company that prides itself supporting the local community and providing only quality materials and outstanding customer service.