Sales Team

What really sets East Islip Lumber apart from other dealer is our amazing staff; the best in the business!  All of our sales staff have been in the industry for decades and are continuously being trained on new products and the most modern applications. If you like speaking with friendly, knowledgeable people, look no further. Call us at 631-581-1869.

East Islip Lumber - Mike

Mike, Sales Manager

Despite his youthful appearance, Mike has been in the lumber business for about 50 years. Freakishly knowledgeable about every aspect of building, with the uncanny ability to think of the best materials and foresee any problems that might arise on a job.  His sarcastic sense of humor only makes him more endearing.

Contact Mike at extension 211 or email

East Islip Lumber - Jimmy B.

Jimmy B.

Jim B. literally grew up in a lumberyard, so the business is in his blood. Aside from being smart, funny, and  knowledgeable about all our building materials, Jim is also our resident Islanders fanatic and Star Wars/Star Trek expert. Ask him to say something in Klingon!

Contact Jimmy at extension 219 or email

East Islip Lumber - Jimmy I.

Jimmy I.

Our newest member of the sales team, Jimmy I., started in the building materials industry when he was just a teen. Since he’s been here, he’s been scouring the yard in search of buried treasures, so if you want a deal on some left over inventory, give him a call!

Contact Jimmy at extension 215 or email

East Islip Lumber - Paul


Paul credits “working with some of the most knowledgeable people in the industry” with helping him grow into the super salesperson he is today. Now, with 33+ years of experience, Paul’s anxious to share his expertise with you, and help you with your next project. 

Contact Paul at extension 212 or email

East Islip Lumber - Ron


Starting in the lumber industry in 1972, Ronnie came to East Islip in 1992. With his expert knowledge and helpful attitude, Ronnie will give you all time you need and has even been known to entertain customer’s children with talks of his pet reptiles’ habits.

Contact Ron at extension 216 or email

East Islip Lumber - Mario


The former owner of Ronkonkoma Lumber, Mario knows all the ins and outs of the lumber industry, and he’ll tell it to you straight. He can also regale you with hunting stories and all the latest Fire Island news (including who’s dating whom, if you’re interested in that kind of thing). 

Contact Mario at extension 215 or email